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I was approved by MUSA Auto Finance for a lease, but I decided to buy a car from another dealer who does not offer your financing. Can I still use my approval at another dealer?2021-02-17T18:05:04+00:00

MUSA Auto Finance is very loyal to its dealer partners, and each dealer we do business with must go through our approval process. However, we are happy you are interested in a lease from MUSA Auto Finance, and we would like to help. Please call 1-800-895-6872 to speak to one of our representatives, and we will work with you to take care of your needs.

I received a letter from MUSA Auto Finance, but I don’t have a MUSA account. What should I do?2021-02-17T18:05:04+00:00

If you recently applied for a car loan, the dealership may have presented your application to several lenders, including MUSA Auto Finance. We are required to send you the letter you received as a follow up. If you would like additional information, please follow the instructions in the letter. If the letter references another topic, please call 1-800-895-6872 for assistance.

How do I request a name change on my account?2021-02-17T18:05:04+00:00

Collect two forms of proof of the name change (i.e. driver’s license; marriage certificate; part of the divorce decree) and send them to us via mail or email, using the addresses below. Please include your account number, so we may locate you.

Mailing address:

MUSA Auto Finance
PO BOX 1719
Portland, Oregon 97207
ATTN: Customer Service

Email address:


Where should I mail my payments?2021-02-17T18:05:04+00:00

Please send your monthly payments to the MUSA address shown below.

MUSA Auto Finance
PO Box  206880
Dallas, TX  75320-6880

You can also make payments online, at musaautofinance.com

How do I handle an insurance claim due to physical damage?2021-02-17T18:05:04+00:00

Please call 1-800-895-6872 for assistance.

What are my insurance requirements?2021-02-17T18:05:04+00:00

You’re required to maintain auto insurance that includes comprehensive and collision coverage, with a maximum deductible of $1,000 each.

How do I request a pay-off quote?2021-02-17T18:05:04+00:00

Please call 1-800-895-6872 for assistance.

Where do I mail pay-off checks?2021-02-17T18:05:04+00:00

All payoff checks should be sent to the following address:

MUSA Auto Finance
PO BOX  206880
Dallas, TX  75320-6880

I have moved to a different state and need to get tags. What should I do?2021-02-17T18:05:04+00:00

Visit your local tax office and advise them that you are a new resident of the state and need to register your vehicle. Make sure they know that MUSA Auto Finance is the lienholder.

Can I trade my car in before the lease term expires to a dealership to buy/lease a new one?2021-02-17T18:05:04+00:00

Yes, you can trade your car in. Please visit any dealer, and ask them to contact us in order to verify the payoff amount / remaining lease balance required to get you out of the lease. You may also call 1-800-895-6872 to obtain the payoff balance yourself.

Can I turn my car in early?2021-02-17T18:05:04+00:00

Yes, you may. We do have early termination clauses in our leases. Please call 1-800-895-6872 and we will be more than happy to walk you through the process.

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